Term 2, 2018 - GENERAL CLASSES

Weekly classes allow you to absorb new ways of moving progressively. Mel and Nic are available before and after every class for individual assistance and you are encouraged to come 10 to 15 minutes early to enjoy some pre-class constructive relaxation time. (In order to facilitate make-up classes being available, we do ask that you give as much notice as possible of your own absence)


Our Term 2 classes will focus on developing your reflexive core. All of our classes are whole body classes, but it can be helpful to approach the work we do with a key theme in mind. Ideally core muscles don't need to be 'turned on'. They engage reflexively as required by whatever activity we are engaged in. We will consider why this might not always be the case in the way we do things now, and look at ways to create new and healthier habits.


  • 6.30am (Friday only)

  • 8.00am (Tuesday and Friday)

  • 9.30am(Tuesday and Friday)


8 weeks from Friday 20 April - concluding Tuesday 12 June

Missed the start of the term?  Click here to email or call Mel 0409 213 331.


  • 8 Tuesday Sessions - $175 (1 free class) Teacher: Nicole Kees

  • 8 Friday Sessions - $175 (1 free class) Teacher: Mel Parks

  • 2 sessions a week - $275 (5 free classes!)

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While not essential it can be very helpful to do a private session with Mel before commencing your term series. To encourage you to consider this option for a limited time all new private session bookings (where you are also booking in for a Term Series)  will receive a free 1/2 dome. This is the one piece of equipment that we really encourage everyone to buy. We use it for so many things, it's light and portable - goes from being a leg stretcher to a head rest to a tool for releasing shoulder tension. Read more about private sessions by clicking here.

Make Up Classes: We are delighted to offer these but we need your help to make it work. Please give us at least 24 hours notice or your own absence whenever possible.

Get even more out of your classes with a range of listening, viewing and reading opportunities - many of them free.  To help make you choose where to start read the page I've put together for you here.

Dates for the rest of the year:

Term 3: Friday 20 July to Tuesday 11 September (8 weeks)

Term 4: Friday 12 October to Tuesday 4 December (8 weeks)