Why A Shorter Term This Term?
I've recently been offered a wonderful opportunity to further my restorative exercise studies with Katy Bowman and some of her master teachers. I have appointments in Canada and the USA and I'll be bringing back the latest in functional movement from some of the best teachers in the world.

It does mean a short Term 2 and I'll only be able to offer Friday classes (I'm also moving house!) I've managed to squeeze in two weeks at the start and another two at the end. You can book one session for $30. Two or more sessions for $25 each or all four sessions for $90.00.
The focus will be the Dynamic Aging linked practices that I utilise myself, both standing, seated and down on the ground. Routines that make us feel stronger and freer, that we can slot into our lives - getting more functional movement into the daily tasks we're already doing.

I'll be offering the usual 6.30am, 8.00am and 9.30am sessions on: (PLEASE NOTE 9.30am IS FULL ALL DAYS, limited space in 6.30am and 8.00am, text or email me your preference and I’ll do my utmost to assist. Additionally: you can go on the waitlist for 9.30am in Term 3 - it starts on 19 July)

  • Friday 26 April

  • Friday 3 May

  • Friday 21 June

  • Friday 28 June

You can email me your preference at mel@movewell.co or text me on
0409 213 331 - or tell me when you see me in class (online payment will be available early next week).

Please note that the 9.30am Term 2 classes are already full. I have a few places left in the 6.30am or 8.00am - Just text or email me your preference and I’ll do my utmost to assist.

Choose number of sessions



“...injuries, pain and inflammation are our bodies' warning flags: we shouldn't ignore them or power through them, but rather teach ourselves to heal using them as our guides. This whole-body model of wellness has taught me that our health is influenced more by our habits - the way we use, load and live in our body - than by our age.” Katy Bowman MS, Dynamic Aging

Come and find out more about the steps you can take towards a more enjoyable and sustainable way of moving.

If you haven’t already I highly recommend you read Dynamic Aging in support of our classes. I have a limited number of hard copies available or you can purchase the e-book instantly below.

Welcome to Movewell

It’s not essential but it can be very helpful to enjoy a private session before commencing your term classes. All new private session bookings (where you are also booking in for a complete Term Series)  will receive a bonus 1/2 dome. This is the one piece of equipment that we encourage everyone to invest in. We use it for so many things, it's light and portable - goes from being a leg stretcher to a head rest to a tool for releasing shoulder tension. Read more here.

Get even more out of your classes with a range of listening, viewing and reading opportunities.  To help make you choose where to start read the page I've put together for you here.