Term 3, 2019 - sustainable movement AND dynamic AGING

Are our current habits making us stronger or creating limitations and pain? Join me on Fridays in Term 3 where we’ll work with practical and enjoyable methods to release tension along with the alignment principles and strengthening moves that help us feel more balanced and mobile instantly.

PLEASE NOTE Book for individual classes in advance by emailing me your preferences. Advance payment is required to ensure your place is held (click here to open an email to me instantly). If you’d like to book the whole term you get first priority for your place and 1 free class. If you’d like to book your normal spot just pay online and I’ll keep you where you are now. (IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CLASSES PLEASE CONTACT MEL before booking)

Value Added, Always Free: I always recommend you come 10 minutes early for a long tension release. It can make a big difference to how you feel and how well your body responds to all of our other moves. It’s relaxing and it’s free!:

  • Friday 19 July

  • Friday 26 July

  • Friday 2 August

  • No class on 9 August

  • Friday 16 August

  • Friday 23 August

  • Friday 30 August

  • Friday 6 September

  • Friday 13 September


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Welcome to Movewell with a Private Session

A private lesson is the ideal way to get started and required if you’d like to join our ongoing term classes. There are some fundamental alignment techniques to learn that will help you to get so much more out of your ongoing sessions. Contact Mel for more information.