Director - Restorative Exercise Specialist, Senior Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Somatic Exercise Coach

Working in movement health for more than 15 years I've studied extensively at home and abroad. We just got back from an intensive week long training with Katy Bowman and her master teachers in the USA and are all devoted 'movement nerds'. We are learners for life, constantly seeking out the best ways to do what we do with a mission statement of empowering individuals to move well with joy.  You could say that 'Movewell is for life, not just for weekends!' It takes time to uncover our habits and wake up muscles and movements that may have been sleeping for some time - but it's a joyous feeling to recognise that you have more power than you might have realised to maintain and / or recover that feeling of a healthy, optimally functioning body again.

2017, Nutritious Movement Returning RES intensive - USA (Katy Bowman led training)
2016, Nutritious Movement Certified™ Healthy Foot Practitioner
2015, Nutritious Movement Certified™ Restorative Exercise Specialist
2014, Senior Teacher with the peak national body, Yoga Australia
2013, Somatic Exercise Coach
2013 - 2014, Mentor - Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (Academy of Yoga Learning)
2011, Graduate Certificate in Wellness - Distinction, RMIT University
2011, Paul Grilley - Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 2
2010, Paul Grilley - Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1
2008, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Levels 1 and 2
2005, Certificate IV Fitness
2001 - 2003, Diploma of Health – Yoga



Restorative Exercise Specialist (IP), Yoga Teacher,  Somatic Exercise Coach

My path to Restorative Exercise began at least 30 years ago when I trained as a Registered Nurse; my primary reasons for becoming a nurse were to help people move out of pain, discomfort and disease, and a thirst to know how our amazing bodies work. Thirty years on this is still what motivates me. My focus is to offer the knowledge I have gained from many wonderful teachers (and my own body) as a possible way to move out of discomfort or prevent the "myth of aging" (Thomas Hannah): that stiffness and chronic illness are an expected part of our aging process. That's where I'm aiming for myself and my classes!

2017, Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise Specialist intensive - USA (Katy Bowman led training)
2016, Restorative Exercise Specialist in Progress (Nutritious Movement™- Katy Bowman, MS - Biomechanist)
2013 - 2014, Advanced Diploma Of Yoga Teaching (Academy of Yoga Learning)
2013, Somatic Exercise Coach
2013- 2014, Trainings with international yoga teachers Donna Farhi and Lisa Peterson in the skeleton and alignment, the fluid body, the heart and cardiovascular system and Restorative Yoga
1999 - ongoing, Began my own Yoga practice in the Iyengar tradition with teacher Ros Dennett
1998 - 2000 Graduate Diploma of Health Counselling, Victoria University of Technology1983 - 1998, Certificate Registered General Nurse, Certificate of Critical Care Nursing, Research Nurse Training, Bachelor of Nursing - La Trobe University



Wellness Yoga and Healthy Movement Educator, Somatic Exercise Coach

My studies with inspiring teachers have developed my passion to enable others to find ways of movement that restore strength, flexibility, balance and joy. As we gain awareness of our patterns of movement and holding tensions we recognise that we don't have to accept stiffness and joint degradation as an inevitable part of getting older. We can do all of the things that we love to do and move without pain. You can contact Jenny by clicking here.

2015, Somatic Exercise Coach
2015, Ongoing study of Nutritious Movement™- Katy Bowman, MS - Biomechanist
2014, Wellness Yoga and Healthy Movement Educator
2011, Compassion and Presence Spiritual Care - Contemplative Listening
2011, Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation and Healing



Restorative Exercise Specialist (IP), Wellness Yoga and Healthy Movement Educator

Laura is a passionate movement health educator with a huge and varied amount of experience across a range of modalities. Laura is currently undertaking her Restorative Exercise Specialist and MovNat certifications and is assisting Mel in classes. Stay tuned for Laura's own classes soon!

2017, Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise Specialist intensive - USA (Katy Bowman led training)