Thinking Outside The Chair

Did you know that being able to get up and down off the floor with ease is a great predictor of your level of wellness? What better reason to get down and enjoy some long releases and somatic work every day? There will be times when we need to and want to sit, but can we sit differently? By working with a range of sitting positions we will utilise more of our muscles and vary the loads on our joints.

It is not as much about how often we sit or stand, it is more that we have a tendency as a population to spend a lot of time in fixed positions. Being in a fixed position for an extended length of time changes what the tissues of your body are doing. This is similar to the way that a cast on your arm changes the tissues not just in the arm - but in the whole body as compensations take place.

So this week, as part of your daily maintenance routine (especially as we are doing a Big Unwind floor class), try thinking about moving outside of the cast of a chair. Here are some lovely somatic neck releases to add to your routine too.

We will spend this class on the floor, and one of the main muscle reflex patterns will work with is the Green Light Reflex. Click for more information about the GLR from last term's blog.

There's lots of ways to vary your position without sitting in a chair, this image comes from

There's lots of ways to vary your position without sitting in a chair, this image comes from

To add to your daily routine why not work with the Strap Stretch. It can really help you to release tension in tight hamstrings, hips and outer thigh muscles that are often a culprit in low back pain. This stretch can really increase the range of motion in your entire lower body. It's reach is even further than that - I've found it helps me release my neck and is also great for your knees and feet. What more incentive do you need? Aaah a picture.

(Don't forget you are still Calf Stretching and Toe Stretching every day as well)