What if bathroom breaks were an exercise opportunity! (Week 2, Term 4, 2016)

Nic is teaching a sold out Pelvic Floor and Core workshop this week and in honour of the high demand, I'm bringing my squatty potty in for you to try (optional and no audience required!)

We'll be putting it in the bathroom and on Tuesday it will be a feature in the class as well. Are we bonkers (do you really need to ask that?)...but think about how often you go to the bathroom each day, and the potentially wasted opportunity to enjoy a good squat.

The average Western toilet has been designed to mimic the chairs we use all day, but this is not the ideal (or the most natural) posture for letting go.  Squatting is the way we were designed to go to the toilet. You can buy a squatty potty, or you can build your own - utilising a box or a small step stool. You might need to take your time to adapt to this new way of toiletting, but you'll get to the point that you can't imagine going any other way. The preparation for squat we'll be doing in classes this week is a great way to get yourself ready.

Squatting (within the range available to you now -  it takes time to adapt to new ways of moving) can be great for your ankles, hips and knees - but it also unkinks your bowel making elimination that much more efficient. Straining on the toilet puts a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor (potentially as problematic for men as women.) Did you know that many women who have never had children have problems with incontinence?

Now I could give you the full Mel style 'bla bla' on what makes it work, or I could direct you to this video - where it is somehow just made that little bit more engaging. Instead of poo we get icecream - and that's not a human on the loo but a unicorn!

Remember all you need is a platform of some kind to help you raise your knees above your hips (it mimics a squat but you are still sitting down). I've seen lots of homemade devices work beautifully. If you would prefer a squatty potty though click anywhere here and you'll go straight through to the Australian distributor.