Special Bonus Blog - We'd Love to Hear From You

The demand for movement health education is growing and so is our teaching team. As we dream about future adult size parks and playgrounds we'd love to give you a chance to have your say.

In classes this week I'll be handing this notice (just click to open), but I know not all of you can get to our current range of classes, so please do let us know what you would like to see down the track. We are working on new class times and more variety, so go on, put in your 2 cents worth.  Email, text or even send an actual note.

Or you could take a leaf out of my book and just go climb a tree. This was at a recent Move Your DNA with the gorgeous Nat from Well Aligned Body in Melbourne.  You should have seen it when the group hit the playground. I'll share more photos in another post. It was priceless! There was more than one Grandma and Executive hanging upside down off the monkey bars, not to mention swings and slides and climbing anything they could.