2016, Series 1, Week 2 - Have you taken your movement vitamins today?

You could think of the exercises we do as movement vitamins. They supplement what might be lacking in our daily lives and can strengthen bones and nourish cells while freeing up our bodies.

To get even more out of this work though, it is invaluable to take some time to relax each day. The Psoas Release that we start each class in is one of my favourites, but what about stopping to check in with your movement habits multiple times a day. All the exercises in the world won't make lasting change if we don't look to correct the behaviours that lead us to pain.

Start noticing regularly where you might be holding tension. For example, the next time you are looking at your phone or your computer check in with what is happening with your neck. Small changes can lead to big gains. Tension is a huge player in limiting how we move and why we don't feel like moving more.

Ahhhh, yes....see below.....this is your homework! No point adding load to muscles already chronically contracting us into poor alignment. Let it all go and then move!

Have you put your Daily Movement Multivitamin sheet somewhere where you just can't miss it?

This week in class we will cover from Your Daily Movement Multivitamin Chart:

  • Knee Cap Release
  • Calf Stretch
  • Head Ramp
  • Head Hang
  • Hand Stretch
  • Top of Foot Stretch
  • Pelvic List
  • Double Calf Stretch
  • Crescent Stretch
  • Strap Stretch