2016, Series 1, Week 1 - Keeping It Simple Sweetheart!

Have you heard of the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)? It' is a great one to apply to our movement health to start to get some real results quickly. I love knowledge..... knowledge is power..... and if you know me at all I like to share it - but I've also discovered in the last 6 weeks of airports, trains, ferries and buses, along with small hotel rooms and walking an average of 20km a day - that keeping it simple can work just so beautifully too.

So I am challenging myself this term to keep these posts to less than 200 words (did I hear a collective .... phew!?..... but if you would like more words, there are many longer posts right here for you to explore).  Each term I try to present the information in a different way, but it is all coming from the same science based principles of moving in the way that is optimal for health.

Now go and put the Daily Movement Multivitamin Chart that I gave you in class today somewhere highly visible and get busy. (Word count is 187 ..... pay up Ian!)

This week in class we will cover from the chart:

  • Head Hang
  • Head Ramp
  • Calf Stretch
  • Hand Stretch
  • Knee Squeeze
  • Legs On The Wall

You might like to watch an introduction to Nutritious Movement (what we are working on each week in class) by Katy Bowman