2016, Series 1, Week 5 - External Rotation is My Friend (even if somewhat illusive!)

Last week we talked about sitting less in chairs and increasing variety in our movements during the day. Did you move some daily tasks onto the floor? Even having a cup of tea down there for a change.

I went out for a coffee with Nic this week and look how she elected to sit at the cafe. Love it! Also love that she let me take her photo and that she wears a waist bag (bum bag, fanny pack). We both have smaller dogs so we can tie them to the sides of our bags and arm swing to our hearts content (side note: perhaps do not try this with your energetic labrador...)

There are a number of key pieces as we journey towards optimal movement health and one of them is external rotation. We've touched on how important it is for your elbow pitts, and today we go a little deeper on the knee pitt journey. Here is a link to an earlier post on this one if you would like to know more. And here is a great Katy Bowman video of the reclining exercise that we worked on today. Use as much extra support under the hips as makes this exercise comfortable for you and, as always, trust your own instincts as to whether it is right for you. Remember the standing variation we did? Maybe give that one a go instead.

Please remember that it takes time to move in new ways. It is a gradual progression as we change our habits, wake up sleeping muscles and lengthen tight tissues. To attempt to rush things generally ends in discomfort and might even slow your progress down. What's that?....go slow to speed things up? Why yes, that makes sense to me anyway!

This week in class we will cover from Your Daily Movement Multivitamin Chart:

  • Floor Angel
  • Calf Stretch
  • Head Ramp
  • Head Hang
  • Hand Stretch
  • Pelvic List
  • Top of Foot Stretch
  • Toe Exercises
  • Double Calf Stretch
  • Abdominal Release
  • Rhomboid Push-up
  • Spinal Twist