Have You Dropped Your Ribs Yet?

The space between the rib cage and the pelvis has very little in the way of bones for the muscles to attach to. This makes sense, because if our ribs went down to our pelvis we would lose much of our mobility. Think of twisting and reaching and a myriad other movements that would be impossible were this true.

But we do have a bone like structure for the abdominal muscles to attach to in the centre of the body - the Linea Alba (and to right and left sides, the Linea Semilunaris). The muscles attach to these connective tissue strings, connecting the pelvis to the rib cage. These tissues area actually very strong - but only when they have just the right amount of tension - which means.......drum roll please........when you have neutral pelvis and neutral ribs.

If you rib thrust or tuck your tailbone under - that optimal tension is lost and can no longer help your trunk muscles to generate force.

Your number one limitation to core strength is your alignment


Image From http://america.pink/linea-semilunaris_2618296.html

Image From http://america.pink/linea-semilunaris_2618296.html

Breath is a movement and the way that you breathe effects the pressure chambers of your abdomen and your pelvis. One of the best things you can do for your core (and your pelvic floor and your shoulder girdle....and you get it) is work on your rib cage breathing. I love this clip by Katy explaining how it all works.

And in anticipation of our 2 group walks over the next week, here is is a great reminder that there are better ways to go up and down hills.