Take Whatever Support You Can Get!

Have you ever noticed that when you stop to relax, maybe to watch TV or read or meditate, your animals (and/or small children) love to come and climb on top of you? Don't waste that opportunity, there's a ready made prop at your service.

Lucy's enjoying a chest opening stretch - with a double bolstered support for an extra treat. Bart was only too happy to help out.

This past few weeks we've had a specific focus on the upper body. This has involved stretching and strengthening, and for those of you able to join us on the walks we added some Thoracic Stretching there too.

This followed on nicely from our 2 weeks of core focus. The tension in our chest wall and shoulders has everything to do with how the abdominal muscles function. Tight shoulders displace the ribcage which weakens the core. As you work to increase the ranges of motion within all of your joints you will start to feel your core muscles fire naturally. And, as a bonus - you use more muscles throughout your body.


Next term we will have two focus sessions on the upper body. These workshops will be for a maximum of 10 participants and include a take-home exercise sheet.

Part 1: Neck and Shoulders - is on Tuesday 16 August, 11am to 12.30pm

Part 2: Upper Body - Strong and Free - is on Tuesday 30 August, 11am to 12.30pm

You can take one session (or both for a discount). Particularly in the second session we will be introducing the idea of hanging and swinging but your feet need never leave the ground.

Thanks to Breena from Alignment Beach for this great clip of the chest stretch against the wall we've been doing in class for the past few weeks.