Just a few weeks now until we get going again. Hope you are all keeping well and warm! We just got back from a week in Queensland. I took my 1/2 dome and managed to come up with some new ways to drive my family nuts at airports. Will share some of those photos with you during the term. You thought your Mum was embarrassing kids!


Five of our regular brave, early morning Friday folk away this winter, most of them doing extended tours in their caravans in the warmer parts of Australia - I know they all took their Gait Basics sheets with them though - and they'll be thinking of us. I keep all of my classes relatively small, but early Friday promises to be especially intimate - so if you'd like to do a class with a small group of lovely people then why not join us. The fantastic KYOSK can have your cuppa ready for you as you head off immediately after, or you can stay and enjoy a delicious breakfast - all while knowing you have got your day to an optimal movement health start! There is time before and after each class to catch up with me on any particular issues you may be experiencing too.


I'm hoping you'll send me some photos this term of how you are incorporating our exercises into your daily life. As an incentive - the most popular two photos will win a pair of alignment socks. I have all the colours and sizes available. They are gorgeous and they really do a wonderful job. They are hard to get in Australia, so I've imported them in bulk - saving you at least $15 all up (US dollar conversion and postage included). If you would like to see all of the different colour options and read more about them just click here.  We are selling them for $29.95 *Aus dollars. See you soon! X

Who is that woman at Townsville Airport?

Who is that woman at Townsville Airport?