Don't Suck It Up! - Week 4, Term 3, 2016

I've had many people remark on the instant freedom they feel when they stop sucking in their belly, pushing their pelvis forward or thrusting their ribs. The most consistently hard thing to come to terms with though, is our requirement to 'look a certain way'. There is such a strong cultural link between a flat tummy, shoulders pulled back, and the idea of success.

A recent private client told me that the biggest breakthrough in her first session was relaxing her belly. Within days her back pain was much reduced, and over the following weeks (and with a lot of continual self-reminders to relax her belly) she noticed that her elimination function improved dramatically. Sucking your belly in can cause indigestion, constipation and pelvic floor problems too.

A relaxed belly does not mean your core has turned off. Instead, you are no longer holding onto artificial tension.



More on the why next week.......

How Often Do You Check In?
Those micro adjustments that you do all day (backing your pelvis up, spreading your toes, dropping your ribs, relaxing your knees) will really speed up your progress. Our physiology means that we adapt to what we are doing most of the time. So we need to create new habits.


After this Tuesday's Pelvic Floor and Core Focus session I looked out to the sunshine and heard the monkey bars calling me. A bunch of people followed me out there and were soon hanging and some even swinging.

They had all been studying with me for quite some time. So they've done lots of Gait Basics and more. But it's important to note that age is no limit, one of the ladies has just become a grandmother and the other is in her 60's. They both look like 30 year olds, but hey, it is still awesome! One of the other ladies had never swung on monkey bars before and even managed to get hand over hand going by the end of our session. It was an exciting moment that was incredibly inspiring. With the right amount of preparation you can really go back to that childlike, joyous sense of play in movement......and it all starts with the calf stretch. Have you done it today? Great, maybe do it again! (The forces created by lower leg tension have a big impact on how the upper body functions. Calf Stretch rules!)

Safety First! Please don't go and jump on the bars before you know that your body is ready. We progress slowly and in clear stages - alignment and tissue readiness are huge factors in hanging safely. If you have any questions have a chat to me, or sign up for next terms shoulder workshops. This terms sessions are sold out. 

We were so excited on Tuesday that I forgot to take photos, so here are some I prepared earlier of some other monkeys you might know. Click on the photos below to scroll through.