Getting Stronger Through Every Day Movement - Week 1, Term 4, 2016

Wherever you are on your movement health journey you are truly welcome. Our program is designed to support your growing understanding of the mechanics of your body and the empowering realisation that there are simple things you can do differently every day that can have a profound effect on how you feel.

There will be no growling if you don't do your homework, but really it's not even homework. Brushing your teeth makes you feel good and keeps them working, these daily doses of movement vitamins do much the same for the rest of your body.

Why did we ever stop climbing trees!

Why did we ever stop climbing trees!

You can choose to do less, you can choose to do more. You can choose to let it gradually evolve over time, or you can get a little more involved from the outset and read more, listen to more and do your exercises more often. It really is up to you, and there is no wrong or right way to approach it. If all you have space for in your life is the weekly class you will still benefit. But if you could do your weekly class and calf stretch every day (twice, while you brush your teeth!) you will benefit even more. If you add to that sitting less and walking more - even better.  Start transitioning into minimalist footwear and you are really on your way.

We have lots of material right here on this website (most of it is free) to support you. You can even sign up for this weekly blog so that you don't miss anything.

But Wait There's More! Free Videos! We have a Youtube channel. Here you can watch clips of the exercises we do in classes. There are 3 new ones waiting there for you now and more coming. The first one contains all of our Gait Essentials exercises and more. It only takes 8.5 minutes to do. Daily practice done!

Here is Laura's entry to this term's compeition (for an Acupro Sensa Mat). Get yours in now. How do you move more out in the world?

"we planted about 350 trees in our paddock wind breaks this weekend - a WHOLE LOTTA dynamic and varied squatting and lunging, walking and carrying. Body was pretty tired last night and thought it'd be pooped for my walk this morning but gee whiz my legs and hips felt terrific! Very open and able to fully extend! 2 day dose of nutritious movement - with a side benefit of planting trees ;)"


Katy Bowman's new book - "Simple Step's to Foot Pain Relief" is on sale at Fishpond and will be sent to you postage free. This book is ideal for people just getting started on their healthy movement journey - or perhaps those who like their dish served with less 'bla bla'. My family would sign up for that one for sure.

Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet

  • Just click on the little book to go straight to the right page to purchase an actual book, that's right - with pages and everything. You can read it in the bath!