Real Life Dosage

We can have all the well meaning intention in the world when it comes to getting stronger and healthier. One of the ways to trip yourself up though (and I speak from experience here) is to go at it like a bull at a gate.

We frequently remind people to approach change gradually and consistently. Remembering to 'back your hips up'  is a great example of how you make gradual changes towards long term goals (do it enough and it can become the default).

To make that journey a little easier to digest the wonderful Laura McKinnon has created a 'Real Life Dosage' sheet for us. This gem allows us to create the impetus for long term improvement in the way we move and the way we feel.

But My Pelvis Over My Toes Feels Comfortable?

You can understand logically why it might be wise to live over your heels rather than your toes - but why does it feel so weird? Because your tissues are used to it. They've adapted around that shape. An example might help here. Say I've worn 6 cm heels in my shoes for so long that my calves have got the message that they don't need to be so long. They are now 10% shorter than optimal. Then I take my shoes off (without doing any supporting work) and try to stand with my hips over my heels. You don't need to be an engineer to understand that this is going to be extremely challenging and potentially stressful for the body and mind.

It really is true that patient repetition builds the new normal so 'Real Life Dosage' starts to make that very accessible and practical.

    Current habits feel comfortable because your tissues have shaped around them. Remember they've also changed how you move in a way that has potentially caused friction and pain. A new normal is right around the corner - but it will take a growing awareness of how you move throughout your day.

    So where do we begin? 


    We have lots of enjoyable and useful exercises to explore. But these ones create the foundation for them all. They give you an opportunity to practice many times a day. You can practice how you stand without anyone else even noticing. While you're there why not add knee cap release? I have it on good authority that some of you are kicking of your shoes at cafes and top of foot stretching while having a cuppa with a friend. You are my heroes (so long as you are also rolling your pelvis forward while you sit!) 

    Thank you Laura! X