Taking it to the streets!

Just how am I supposed to walk?

So you've read all about the mechanics of walking or you've come to a few classes and you can see where you could make some adjustments, but what happens when you hit the road Jack?

Less talk more action, and yes that's coming from the bla bla queen!

Less talk more action, and yes that's coming from the bla bla queen!

Don't try and force change - your tissues need time to catch up with your growing knowledge

Reading all about it is fantastic, but doing it is so much better. Maybe 90% moving and 10% reading and thinking about it would be a good ratio to aim for. You almost need to forget about changing how you walk and just enjoy it for it's own sake. Really. You can drive yourself crazy trying to remember all the little details. At most focus on one thing you can change at a time.

What I Do

I don't think of the walking I do every day as exercise. It's just moving in as many ways as I can. Not because it's something I have to do to make-up for last nights ice-cream (the way I used to think) but because it makes me feel good - and I can see how I'm progressing and changing, and I can get heaps of things done too.

The Restorative Exercises Work. Don't take my word for it 'test and retest' when you are walking

So rather than try and think about the 15 things I'm attempting to correct in my gait habits now, this is how the cogs turn in my head on a typical days outing:

  • Where's the vitamin texture? - the bark, the pebbles, the hills, the uneven ground.
  • Can I balance on this?
  • if we do a lunge here and a squat there, what's it like to walk up the hill now? Does it feel different (the answer is always yes by the way)
  • Let's do the 'anywhere upper body mobiliser' (coming soon in a video, but only if you do your chair challenge) - whats it like to arm swing now?
  • What about some step ups on that park bench. How does my walking feel after that? "oooh, I can feel my butt now!"
  • Let's do some single leg squats holding onto that fence
  • Is that a tree branch we could swing from?
  • Is that a tree we could climb?
  • Let's swing back past the shops and get the milk and things for dinner (that means back up the big hill - yaaaay!)

(so I've moved everything, so has the dog and I've done the shopping)

That's a really different experience to trying to remember all the little details we cover in classes with every single step, and it's fun.

The reality is the tensions we've developed over our lifetimes are going out on our walk with us, and just applying all our knowledge won't smooth them out. That's where the 90% doing comes into it's own.

Don't Tell Me Show Me

Ok we will! Join me and Sharon and Sue and Bart on Wednesday 25 October - this walk will leave from Newtown in Geelong. RSVP to Mel in class or send me an email - I'll then send you the details. 9.30am - 10.30am for movement, followed by optional coffee afterwards. OK lady, sounds good, but not if you expect me to climb a tree or hang upside down. That's ok, all moves are optional - laughing is encouraged, and on the last walk the gang came up with some new moves using goal posts that even I hadn't thought of. How much does it cost? $0.00! But I do live near Pakington Street and will not be held responsible for any shopping you do on your way home.

How's Your Chair Challenge Going?

Have you done it yet today? Don't forget to move it, every move counts. See you at the park!

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