Finding some inspiration


One of the toughest things for all of us is doing the exercises outside of class time. We can read about it, we can watch film clips, we can even buy all the books and put them on the bedside table and hope the information leaps into our brains overnight (or over a series of months if the dust that accumulates on mine is any indicator). But nothing on earth is going to beat the actual movement. Actually there is one thing that beats it, that's doing an exercise or two and realising how much freer you feel.

Taking the time to sense and feel the changes, no matter how subtle at first, allows you to recognise the power you have to change how you move.

Don't Just Take My Word For It

I am a big believer in trying something, doing one or two of our restorative exercises and then trying it again. Generally you'll get a bit of a 'kaboom' moment - even if it's just in passing, that starts to lay down some foundations for the thought that there might just be a better way. From that seed of thought inspiration (and therefore motivation) grows.


We are looking to make the whole machine work more effectively and enjoy the process - so we want to start to pay attention to some of the details. Say you were doing a squat and something hurt, you wouldn't just power through. You'd stop, reassess - make the appropriate adjustments and go from there. It's incredibly helpful to let go of that surge to be in a rush to find change. You don't need big sensations to be doing great work (and that's a whole other juicy topic for another day).

It's Not Just For Christmas

And until such time as we can get all the movements we need in our daily lives we are going to benefit hugely from doing our exercises often. So I've filmed you this little routine which follows on nicely from your Chair Challenge. This is the sort of thing that I do throughout the day and with my Movement Coaching clients too.

Move more and move well my friends. Don't forget to we are moving together in Geelong next Wednesday 25 October, 9.30am - it's free! RSVP here