There's nothing wrong with chairs or resting........

I thought you might enjoy this piece, from one of Katy Bowman's Instagram Posts

"There's nothing wrong with chairs or resting. My issue is with their uniformity of shape (and also their ubiquity and preemptive placement). I don't think there's much I can do about an entire cultures furniture-shape, but what I can do is suggest you don't have to use a chair in a single way. That "sitting" is a relationship between your choice and the habitat around you. Here are some movement OPTIONS when it comes to a single habitat feature. Remember that sitting differently is moving differently."

She's In New Zealand, might she pop over to see us?

You might already know that Katy Bowman is in New Zealand for the next 2 months. Her recent newsletter invited us to let her know where we live (just your country, not your street address) as she is working hard to connect the movement tribe (or movement movement as it is sometimes known!) I think if enough Australian's responded we might just be able to convince her to pop on over and teach a workshop or two. Katy said amongst other things:

"I’m having an excellent time speaking in New Zealand—introducing many to the idea that movement is much more nuanced than simply the difference between sedentary or active whole-body states, and even more nuanced than balancing our cardio, strength, and flexibility.” I love helping people understand that movement is more similar to nutrition than we realise, when we consider the vast diversity of movements that are necessary to meet our physiological needs."

So if you'd like to meet Katy B (author of many wonderful books including Dynamic Aging which so many of you have enjoyed), and you are not already on her mailing list please  follow this link and register your email address. You'll also receive updates on what other things she's up to. There are some workshops available in New Zealand and a retreat.

And finally here is a chest release wall release based on the exercises we've done in classes over the last few weeks. Approach it gently and regularly for best results. I'll add a strengthening component to it for you next week, along with some tips about giving up our rib thrusting habit.