Taking care of shoulders takes a load off your heart too

We are on a shoulder roll at the moment. Literally (using balls to roll out tensions) and also just generally with lots of extra focus there. This term we ramped it up a notch and are really digging deep into understanding that how we use our arms can completely change what's going on for our neck and shoulders (and core and back and ......)


One thing that might not jump out at you immediately is that restoring shoulder mobility can improve the mobility of your heart and lungs. To learn more about heart health and movement I highly recommend listening to Katy Bowman's podcast number 42. If you don't like the introductory banter in the intro just skip the first 5 minutes. If you like what you hear and want to know more then take a look at the page I put together for you here. And if you happen to have one of my library copies on your bedside table acting as a handy drink coaster ;-)) I'd love to get it back soon so I can pass it on. Thanks! About 12 books have gone the way of odd socks!

As we explore common poses like Down Face Dog we are realising that it's not just about assuming the shape, it's what muscles are we using to get us there.

We're realising that a neck release is a whole other creature when we take it from a position where our head is aligned with the rest of our body - not out in the forward head position which might be happening far more often than we think. That on it's own can be a big contributor to a range of issues from back pain to headaches to a weakened core.

We can see we need to do our exercises in a different shape than that of our habit - or we are just reinforcing the habit (which is fine too, if that's working for you - but generally people come to see me because they are frustrated by some aspect/s of their body).

This week we'll ramp the ribs as well as the head and take our shoulder adventure on to another level - which I find is as much about stretching how we think about movement as actually stretching. I'm even going to show you how to incorporate your exercises into drinking your cuppa or lifting your groceries.

Don't forget you've got 4 new videos to be getting on with. They are all between 5 and 10 minutes long and provide practical ways for you to mobilise upper and lower body during your day. You can find them all in the 'What's New' playlist.

I'm off on a Bluegrass music adventure. I leave you in wonderful hands with Nic. See you next week. X Mel