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I worked with some lovely private clients today and their comments really brought into focus some keys about this program. A big one is that you will never not benefit from the basic foundation program - you know the one. I've attached it here in case you've lost yours.

Movewell Strong Foundations.jpg

One client was brand new, and one had been coming for a year. In both cases they both stood and moved so much more freely and comfortably after a simple Psoas Release and a few rounds of calf stretch. Our feet turn out because our lower legs are so tight, and our feet turning out when we walk is at the root of so many issues. I couldn't begin to list them. Name one and I'm pretty sure I could point to the link.

Every time I work with someone it just takes a few rounds of calf stretch for them to be able to stand with their feet straighter ahead. Seriously, it's that simple.

Why is that so cool? Well that means you have access to your lateral hips, which means you can start to rebuild the chain of muscle response that supports the pelvis and spine, potentially makeing every step a core strengthening, body regenerating one. But that won't happen overnight, and it still all starts with releasing the tension in your calves!

I know it's not sexy and exciting but the results sure as heck are.  Remember though that every time you sit in a chair you might be dulling down the effects of all your hard work. Go down a few blog posts and you'll see it's not that I'm anti chair. I just think we rely on them far too heavily, and the way we are using them compounds our painful and frustrating problems.

Make The Most of All That Free Stuff

This term I created 4 new videos for you. Create stability, balance and movement freedom by taking advantage of those. They are exercises we've done all term and I've kept them simple and to the point. We need to strengthen our hamstrings and glutes, we need to release tension in some key areas. It's all there. I even created a handout for you.


You'll see the Youtube videos are split up into sections. There is one group dedicated to the Psoas. Another group is for Movement Flows, where we've linked a bunch of the exercises together. There is one group just on the new things. They are all generally between 5 and 10 minutes long. There is even a beautiful relaxation video there for you from Nicole Kees.

There's a Gazillion Ways To Move On The Blog

There are endless ways to approach moving more each day and if you scroll through the many  blogs (I haven't counted ;-) you'll find a range of possibilities. some terms I suggested daily homework every week (I've often tried different ways to inspire folk). See if some of those ideas might slot into your life. We all have different ways of learning. Some of us like to read, others to watch then do, others to do while listening. I like to 90% do and 10% study the doing of it. Great grammar there Mel! I also like to review and assess and notice what makes me feel so much better (current joy is external rotation of the upper arms = shoulder freedom) because there is no bigger incentive to move than that.

Are You Ready To Take It To the Next Level? Then Look To The Master (Katy B)

I've also written an article about where to go to next when you are ready for more depth. Many of these options are free. Click anywhere here to go straight there. And if you have her books and or DVD's pick them up again. They truly reward multiple readings, viewings.

Katy tells her student teachers there is only one difference between them and her master teachers, and that is that they have done 100's of hours of her classes. If you have purchased her classes, DVD's, books etc - go back to them often. Every single time I pick up something new. It takes time to absorb new movement patterns. - we've all had those lightbulb moments. Even though we've heard it said dozens of times before, one day we are ready. That happens to me on a regular basis with Katy B and other great teachers I've worked with too. There is not one exercise that will fix everything. It's a combination of creating movement opportunities in your life, recognising the habits that you could consciously change and programming in some restorative exercises regularly. The layering of learning takes care of itself when we keep coming back to the movements!

Check out Katy's Advent Core Challenge from last year. You could start it today and be ready for Christmas....Yay!

And if you haven't already, go set up some 1/2 dome stations wherever you stand regularly waiting for something to fill (my water filter) or where you brush your teeth, or where you prepare dinner. Doesn't have to be a dome, but make it hard to miss. You'll have to remind yourself the first 20 times, but suddenly you are doing it without thinking about it. Trust me, the 1st calf release of the day is always the best. But then again some people say I'm weird ;-)

Bla Bla Out! XX