So I'm at a Music do I take care of my back with so much potential for sitting?

(This blog also translates to theatre intervals, airport waiting lounges, train stations get the drift!)

We've just got back from the Port Fairy Folk Festival and I saw some of you gorgeous folk there. Here are my tricks (and some of yours that you shared with me) for avoiding the perils of too much sitting:

  • Once you park your car at the camping ground (or wherever you are staying) that's it. You walk everywhere. It probably makes the biggest difference in counteracting the sitting factor. A good guideline for life at home too. Move more, sit less.
  • Dance every chance you get
  • Think about how you sit - in other words sit better (a theme of this week's class)
  • Vary the way you sit, lot's of our exercises can be done sitting
    • No.4 while you sit
    • Arch and release while you sit
    • Hand stretch while you sit
    • Modified Crescent while you sit
    • 'Sit to stand' with our squat technique and 'stand to sit' as well (knees don't go past ankles and stay tracking forward)
  • I could go on, and on, and on, but I like you too much (did I mention dancing?)

In summary what you don't want to do is sit for hours in the same position only to find you can barely get up (which I see happening to lots of folks around me at festivals). Or you do get up and go and find some food and sit down again to eat it. Instead walk around and stretch it all out every single chance you get. Double calf stretch, thoracic stretch, reach and release standing variations. All of these things can be done in between gigs. 

Because in the end sitting for hours tends to impede your circulation, making you feel tired and listless and more inclined to feel need to sit! Exit the vicious circle my friends, join the restless among us. Get up and move around often. (This blog also translates to theatre intervals, airport waiting lounges, train stations get the drift!)

And Another New Video!

The great thing about our foundation exercises is the power you have to mix them up - to make them a part of your daily life. It can be a minute here, 2 minutes there. Really, more than anything, it is a gradual shift in an awareness of how you move.