Feeling good is it's own reward!

Here we are already, it's the last week of the term and we've packed a lot in and had a lot of fun. I have light bulb moments every term but a big one for me this term is how much our movement is shaped by our cultural expectations of one another. That's a fancy way of saying - "I can't stand / sit / stretch like that, people will think I'm weird!"

I was at a show recently and the lady next to me asked if I had a bad back, because I'd used my coat and bag as seat pads to help me sit well. I explained that I didn't have a bad back but these seats could potentially give me one. She looked at me strangely, made it clear she didn't want to know what I was on about and opened her Malteesers (she didn't even offer me one!) But after 2 hours (and a few wriggles) I was fine. Whereas I often see people around me getting up with groans, and they hobble off clutching their backs.

Below is a range of ways I move regularly out on walks with my dog. I grab the backpack and do as many jobs as I can. I make phone calls, connect with other folk in the neighbourhood, do the shopping - and Bart has meetings with his local doggy crew. We get a lot of done and we move in lots of different ways. And we both feel great for it. *please note Bart is attached via his lead to my backpack, leaving me free to arm swing. Please use your own discretion as to whether this is a good idea with your team of sled dogs, my guess is probably not.

I also like to set myself fun challenges (I recognise that my idea of fun may be alternate to yours, but humour me), like today every time Bart stopped to investigate I squatted in some way (keep it nice please people). He investigates a lot so it was a great workout!

    So building on last weeks theme I say REBEL people. This is a Call to Arms! (see what I did there?). Move more all day every day. Not just because your slightly nutty movement health teacher suggested it, but because you might feel some instant benefit. What better motivation could there be?

    Take care over the holidays and don't forget to check out your videos. There are 2 new ones up there. Rhomboid Pushups and Lateral Hip strengthening too. It's free to subscribe and then any new ones get emailed to you.  X Mel

    Katy has just released a new book, and it is my favourite so far. It's called 'Dynamic Aging' but it really is an all ages gem. It's easy to understand and very inspiring. Her co-authors all began as her students and became Restorative Exercise teachers, and they are all 70 and 80+ years old. I have 3 library copies currently in circulation and Fishpond have it on special with free postage here: Dynamic Aging: Simple Exercises for Better Whole-Body Mobility

    PS. All Term 2 Boookings are now available on line. There is a new 6am Tuesday class freeing you up for more make up potential too, and Nicole's new workshops are filling fast.