Want a Faster Metabolism? Build Your Butt!

OK, that was a sneaky move, but I bet I got your attention. 

Your Metabolism does get a temporary boost when you exercise, but it's primarily defined by the metabolic activity of your muscle mass when you're resting. This is hugely affected by the actual length of your muscles. So when your muscles are tighter your metabolism is lower. Some of our tightest and most underused muscles are in the back of our legs.

Katy Bowman explains it like this: "If you want to have the correct amount of muscle mass for your skeletal mass, and to have that muscle stabilise all of your bones and joints and not be covered in a lot of body fat, you need to work on restoring the electrical channels of the muscle system (which is what alignment is, really), and then walk around a lot. I said a lot. The occasional tree climb is good too."

When we spend a lot of time living with our pelvis over toes our poor old knees and quads work overtime leaving our hamstrings and glutes neglected. They need some persistent luring out of their slumber, which has been our theme for the past few weeks. Here are just 2 things you could be doing every day:

  1. When you stand back up your hips, even 10% is making a big difference.
  2. Calf Stretch, Calf Stretch and when you have finished.......Calf Stretch (2 times a day 30 seconds to a minute each side, is a good goal - but 4 or 5 times is golden too)

But of course you could also do this! But only if you are rocking the latest in Paddington Bear jackets and bad hats....more butt action next week folks!

  • Feet forward, pelvis width ankles, weight back over heels (both legs straight with relaxed knees)
  • You could put your hand on the side of your pelvis on the working side to help you get that sense of gently pressing it down towards the ground. That's the action you want to allow the other leg to lift. 

YOUR CHALLENGE: How many times a day can you remind yourself to simply balance on one leg? Notice if your pelvis tends to twist on one side more than the other. Work on keeping those hip bone headlights straight ahead. What if you spent some more time on the less dominant side. Get to know your habits and own the power that you have to change them.