Tension Release with Music Provided!

A great way to approach this lovely exercise is to let go of any idea that you are seeking a big stretch. Instead, look to keep the pelvis stable (it helps to gently draw the bent knee in towards your body) and allow the lengthening leg to truly release.

Support your pelvis on your bolster, 1/2 dome or rolled up blanket. You may or may not want some head support too (Laura's using a 1/2 dome here, you could try a small pillow and see how you go). Bend both of your knees in towards your body and curl up into a ball.

Then wrap your arms around your left leg to help keep your pelvis stable (it will be in the tucked rather than the neutral or untucked position).

Gently straighten your right leg now, and slowly lower it towards the floor (it doesn't have to get there!). Relax the extended leg without bending the knee. The foot is a little flexed but the leg itself is not tense, you can even support it on a block. Spend around 30 seconds to a minute and then you could move the extended leg slowly from left to right in a windshield wiper for another 30 seconds or so.  Then bring both legs back into the chest, and ease them out in any way that feels good. Do the other side.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

  • Take a walk around your house (or the room you are in if you are hiding away from animals, children, etc)  and notice how that feels
  • Calf Stretch (see last weeks post for details)
  • Psoas Release- click here for a Psoas post (how about playing the track below by Yaima to help you relax)
  • Do your Hip Flexor Release as described above (do it twice if you have time)
  • Take a walk around again and notice how you feel.

So many of you have commented on this track that I've been playing in relaxation after classes. So here it is!