Living Life With The Breaks On.......

I was giving some extra advice after class this week and my client wisely said to me something along the lines of "the answer always seems to take me back to the basics". That is so true, for all of us. This term we are focussed on understanding what's really going on with our pelvis and a lot of us have had a few 'lightbulbs' go off already. Maybe we thought we were in neutral but really there was quite a little tuck going on in there a lot of the time.

This client's issue had been with activating the lateral hip in a pelvic list and the first thing we checked on was her capacity to release her knee caps. We discovered her quadriceps muscles were quite resistant to releasing. I love this video by Petra Fisher, an inspiring Restorative Exercise Specialist and Movement Coach.

If we are living with our quadriceps activated most of the time we are really putting the brakes on our potential to move well. It's having a big impact on the pelvis and that's just for starters. I've written a number of blogs on the knee cap release over the years, so you can go back and look them up or, even better,  refer to any of Katy Bowman's books. Even if you've read them once, keep picking them up and going back to pieces. You'll be amazed how it makes more and more sense when you've spent time thinking about how you move out in the world.