Sit Better, Sit Less, Sit Differently!

So this term is all about the pelvis, and your ability to move it freely, through all it's ranges - without compensation.

The mobility of the pelvis reflects the health of the feet, knees, hips, core, spine and neck and shoulders. As I always say "don't take my word for it, try the different exercises yourself and feel the difference.

As always, be patient - don't overdo things and celebrate the small successes (which are really reflections of the change in how you think about movement) along the way.

Fun fact: Did you know that even the most active people in our culture (the bikers, runners, body builders, swimmers, yogis and hikers for eg) only spend about 4% of their time moving. You can see Katy Bowman's video about it here (don't worry it's short and fun but mainly a bit of an eye opener).

This week we'll focus on sitting and the pelvis and three things we'll consider are:

1. Sitting Less - gradually increasing your movement opportunities day by day. It's not about standing up all day, it's about moving more of you, in more ways, more often.

2. Sitting Better - Don't push back into the chair. Try coming about 1/2 way, mind how you place your feet and knees and roll your pelvis forward. You can watch a video of my daughter demonstrating optimal sitting here. You might like to try Lucy's version of sitting on a 1/2 dome and then try flipping it over. What do you prefer? You can easily used a rolled up towel if you don't have a half dome.

3. Sitting Differently: for starters try the floor. You'll use more muscles getting up and down and you can use as many props as you need to when you are down there.

thinkoutside thechair.jpg

Last term I made a Chair Challenge video and handout for you. I've just finished a handout for the Every Day Movement that was it's follow up. You can grab one in class or go ahead and print one off yourself now. Or you can save a tree and refer to the video and handout online!