Real World Applications

I don't know if you've noticed but every week this term I've started you off with the same exercises. Sure, each week I've mixed it up a little bit - perhaps legs are up the wall one week and the next they are on the floor, but each week for 5 to 10 minutes we explored:

  • Psoas Release (sometimes legs extended on floor, sometimes at the wall, sometimes supported butterfly)
  • Pelvic Rocking (do you know the difference now between tucked, untucked and neutral?)
  • Hip releases (Butterfly or Happy Baby and No. 4 or cross leg variations)
  • Angel Arms and Reverse Palm Shoulder Release

I had a lot of feedback to suggest that this helped you to remember the patterns of the movements, and that you could feel your body opening up a  bit more each time. I even noticed people coming early and doing it on their own (yaaay!) So that would be a great home practice for you for a daily unwind, but of course there are so many other ways to go. There is the day to day you've done a great job of incorporating all term - and I've seen you get so much stronger, with things like:

  • standing well into single leg balance and pelvic list (don't forget your kickstand option)
  • double calf stretch, with or without 1/2 dome, making sure your pelvis is untucked (we've done freestanding hands on thighs, used chairs, the wall and even our imaginary desks and benches)
  • chair squats (easy to incorporate)
  • keeping your head gently ramped as you go about your business, what about that external rotation of the arm and monitoring how you are lifting things? Remember in Week 7 we found we could use our arm muscles, our core and our glutes and hamstrings much more effectively just by changing the way we lifted the bolster.

You also have (just to keep life interesting):

  •  Movement Multivitamin handout (you could pick 3 exercises a day)
  •  Healthy Pelvis handout (pick 3)
  • My Youtube Channel and Blog posts have many different ideas for home practice
  • And then there are Katy's huge array of wonderful resources. DVD's, video downloads, talking books, podcasts, books (all with exercise programs of their own) and a fantastic blog archive too. Click here to read more about your options there (many of them free).

When in doubt remember keeping it very simple can be of huge benefit when done regularly.  It's better to do a gentle calf release often than hammer it out once a week.  Much better. On that note, here's Petra Fisher showing you how to do a really good one:

I really enjoy Petra's approach as she is all about how we bring these functional movement tips into our daily lives. She has some fantastic home practice options for you so check our her website for more inspiration.  I'll see many of you for our final classes on Friday and the following Tuesday. Please note that I am available in Geelong for private sessions over the school holidays (you can share a session with a friend).

And here is a sneak peak for next term's reflexive core series. You probably guessed the ribs and pelvis were going to come into it.....a lot.....but here is Katy Bowman giving just a brilliant and succinct demo of what we are aiming to do with our best possible stance. Remember we are not trying to change it all over night, but do lots of calf stretches and it might just happen a bit sooner for you ;-) Click anywhere on this paragraph to go to the link where the video should start playing automatically. It is a runners magazine, but this demo works for all of us!