It all starts with the breath

A lot of times we think about our core work as being specific to the belly region.  Consider this possibility though, what if your core was about everything that impacts on how well your abdominal muscles can function....that means we need to factor in your back and your sides, your pelvic floor, diaphragm, glutes and hamstrings, quads, psoas and let's not forget those deep hip rotators. What's that you say ? It sounds like it's all core work! I think you might be on to something.  A 1,000 sit ups won't do you any favours when your system is out of whack. Some part or parts of you are going to compensate and your body will let you know that it's not happy. Instead, let's take care of the whole body and sense a deeper, subtler core activation that helps us to do all of the things that we love.

This week we'll put a spotlight on the breath. Accessing your rib cage to breathe engages your deep core and respiratory muscles while taking a load off your neck and shoulders. We'll be working on that in class this week and maybe you could spend some time on it at home too. Perhaps in your new favourite Psoas Release using the block and the 1/2 dome. I've just filmed 5 videos using that one, and the new channel will be up and running next week so stay tuned! In the meantime, I love this description of rib cage breathing (she calls it jellyfish breathing) by Alison Crouch. As Alison says:

"The jellyfish breath is one way to engage your deep core and respiratory muscles and mobilize the bony structure that is your rib cage along with all the amazing muscles that surround it. "

And here is a lovely video by Petra Fisher of rib cage breathing using an elastic band, but you know what else works really well?  An old pair of stockings!