Want a strong core? Set your shoulders free!

There is a very close relationship between your neck, your shoulders and your hands - they are intimately connected and their condition has a big impact on your core function. Last week we proved that connection and it was so exciting (ok maybe that was mainly me) that I made you a video - see below (it's also on your video channel under Movewell Bites). It's a great incentive to do lots of hand stretching regularly .


This week we'll add another layer to our shoulder focus because the state of your core is so literally bound to your shoulders that you can't work on one without working on the other. The more you are able to access external rotation of your shoulders, the more you are going to be able to stop relying on your neck muscles and start utilising your lat (large back) and core muscles. Your lat's (lattisimus dorsi muscles) are the ones we are talking to when we attempt the 'superstar' armpits. Yes your armpits are potentially superstars because when we get fussy about how we do our exercises we stablise the shoulders and take an excess load off the spine (including your neck).

We'll also be head ramping our hearts out because if you want to get rid of neck and shoulder tension once and for all (not to mention headaches and brain fog) you definitely want to stop living with your head out in front of your shoulders.  Now lets get to it! Stretch your hands and set your core free to work optimally well (again no need to worry about no time, the above video is only 6 minutes long!)

(Another Easy Homework Idea: Notice how often your elbow pitts are in internal or external rotation, and wherever possible - see if you can gently externally rotate them and notice the difference. It may feel weird, but if we do it often enough it becomes the new normal).