Your foot bone is connected to your 6 Pack

All of our classes are whole body classes but this term we're enjoying relating everything back to the core. Already one thing is particularly clear ....... that the relative position of your pelvis to your rib cage has a huge impact on your capacity to engage your core muscles reflexively (that just means naturally, without perceived effort,  simply because of how you are moving). 

So I think we are ready to go a 'step' further.....if your ribs need to be nicely stacked in relation to your pelvis for your core to work optimally well....then what happens when your tense feet and calves are changing the rotation of your legs (and therefore impacting your ankles, knees and hips)? For example, if your thighs are tugged in and down by tense foot muscles, wouldn't that impact on the stability of your pelvis?

Did you answer yes?

I know that you did, well done! So yes this week we will work on foot and leg mobility and see how it effects our pelvis and therefore rib cage stability.....and we'll do some other stuff where you can feel those abs turn on, which is always exciting too.

I'm really excited about our new video channel and plan to add a fair bit to it by the end of the term. I've already had some great feedback so let me know how you are going. It's free to all class participants (group and privates) and once I've built up a good body of work we'll start a subscription program for those times you can't get to class. You can ask for things to be added and Nic will be filming some clips for you too. 

Now I know it's a blow but I'm going to have to cut the bla bla short here, because Bart wants to go for his walk. He will be starring in a few of our videos because he loves getting in front of the camera, but also, just like some of you perhaps....he wants me to pipe down and get moving!

Here's a taste of what's on offer. I designed this one for my daughter Lucy, and it may not suprise you to learn that a bunch of you did it before her! She does love it though, hope you do too.