Motivation comes in many forms....even an app!

One of the ways I think about what we do is working towards a deeper understanding of "how your body works and how to help it work better." There is a potential freedom that comes with that understanding and even a sense of empowerment. But of course it does take a committment to some changes in the way we think about movement and change is generally challenging.

It's always good to be patient and observant and celebrate the little victories (you mention things to me often - like less headaches, easier to put your shoes on, a tool kit to draw on when something niggles) but it can also be helpful to have an easy reference kit with short practices to help you refresh what you learn in class. Which is where our Teachable video channel comes in.

And a recent discovery (thanks Heidi!) means you can even access your mini classes when you are out on the road. If you have an IPhone or IPad and you go into your App Store, you'll find that there is a free Teachable app where you can access our videos. If you've had any problems logging in, just tell the computer you forgot your password and it will let you reset it and you should be good to go. (I know it can be frustrating learning to use these things, but spare a thought for your teacher who has also had to learn to use a film camera, microphone, become an editor and so on. It's a great system though and I promise that you really will get used to it and before too long it will be a breeze.)

Over time we can evolve it together and create the home practice program that best supports you. You can tell me what might help you there.... but some ideas are to add short courses for beginners, advanced courses for particular issues and so on. 

In the meantime the focus will be what we are covering in classes and snippets related to lifestyle. One great idea is to try one of the pre walk warms ups before your daily outing and see how that goes. I generally find it does make a big difference to how well I move which is a key way to motivate myself to do it regularly. The one below is only 6 minutes long which means any "I don't have time" ideas just fly out the window ;-)) correct?

And as you might have noticed I do like to maintain at least a bit of a sense of humour about it all so when one of my regular clients offered to let me film his personal stretch sequence I jumped at the opportunity. Even though he insisted on pixellating his face and having absolutely no dialogue. You'll only hear a bell when it is time to change position. At this point you may have guessed who this character is. If you are curious to have a look it is called A Quiet Practice - Long Release, Yin Style and you'll find it in the Block/1/2 Dome Series section. His particular motivation is peace and quiet so if you love that approach let me know and I'll do some more like that. 

One last motivational idea - here's some practical ways to improve how you move every day from the always inspiring Petra Fisher.

(This blog is long enough so I'll write a little more about shoulders and your core next week, but we will prove in class that hands and core impact each other in the first 5 minutes so make sure you don't miss it)