A bunch of new videos for you (including a special Travellers selection and Bart pays a visit)!

Ok so Ian's video and Bart's appearances are definitely the highlights of the channel so far! Ian has promised to do another one for you and Bart turns up twice in the latest batch so that should inspire you to do some homework. One of the best ways to improve and maintain your movement health is to work the basics into your daily life and a lot of the videos focus on ways you can do that. I'm wearing my street clothes in the one below and the new Traveller selection can all be done easily out in the world. You don't have to say "I'm going to do my exercises now" to get the benefit of them.....just make those little shifts in the way that you move a regular part of the things you do all day. For proof positive of how your attitude to movement can change your life read this fascinating article.

I've put one of the new videos on Youtube but to view the rest you need to be a weekly class or private client. I know that some of you can't get to our classes so please do let me know if you are interested in the subscription service I'm creating.

Enjoy your holidays and I'll look forward to seeing you in Term 3 and beyond! X