Neck and shoulders and ground force

Classes start back this Friday and you might be surprised to find our first homework assignment will be focussed on balance! It's very common to be tensing the neck and shoulders even when we just stand and chat to a friend. So one of our focusses this term will be catching ourselves in the act and changing that pattern. 

The forces created by lower body tension contribute to so much of our upper body strength and movement limitation.

So I'll be showing you a little sequence that has become part of my regular routine. It's both a warm up and stability strengthening practice that helps me monitor how one side of my body tends to work harder than the other. Over time I've found that I can then hone in on that and through new patterning help the left side get stronger. I can also catch myself tensing my neck and shoulders - and if it that's happening when I'm standing on one leg for just a brief moment.....imagine what happens when I'm out walking or carrying groceries.

......and of course, we'll do lot's of focussed shoulder loving exercises too.

And just in case it might have dropped off during the holidays, get onto that handstretch. A lot of the lovely exercises I've got planned for us will be so much more enjoyable for you if you hands are a bit more mobile. I've been really enjoying creating some Movewell Flows so we can be a bit more dynamic in our practice. It also makes it easier to remember sequences and you can monitor your progress from Week 1 to Week 8.  Looking forward to sharing them with you, but in the meantime.....hand stretch, hand stretch and also calf stretch (if you've forgotten how get onto your Teachable Channel where there is even a neck and shoulder section).