Standing Tall, Naturally

So you might have noticed (and possibly even mentioned ;-)) that we've done a lot of rhomboid pushups this term. One of the key ingredients to lasting shoulder and neck freedom is strengthening their base of support. The rib thrust/chest lift/shoulder blades pulled back hasn't made our upper body stronger. It's actually put a fair bit more pressure on certain parts of the spine and made it hard to access some really helpful (and big) muscles.  In week 1 I gave you this Katy gem :

"The use of the arms is particularly important both to making our body more usable and to the maintenance of the body's structure. Upper-body tone not only keeps the joints of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists stable and operating smoothly, optimal tension in this area is responsible for keeping the upper (thoracic) spine upright." (Pg 117, Move Your DNA, Katy Bowman)

So for the next two weeks we will consider ways we can cement these concepts into more upper body tone management in our daily lives. I'm thinking of Denise doing rhomboid pushups at her kitchen bench (genius) and we'll adapt that using what we've got handy in the studio (the wall!) Building yourself up to hanging from your hands is also a great goal (and it's fine for you to keep your feet on the ground and for a long time this is the best way to go). If you are keen to give that a try join me outside before or after class before the end of term (in the real world tree branches, door frames and more can easily serve the same purpose as a bar. The important things is arms overhead then drop the compensations....ribs down, head ramped, shoulders down from ears). Great Katy Blog (with Youtube links) on building up to hanging and swinging can be found by clicking here.

Over To You!

You know how I love real life stories, well this week I had a fantastic email from Maureen and Marj who were on holiday in a warmer part of Australia and she even sent a photo and gave me permission to share her success with you all. Thanks ladies!

"Thought you would be interested in this Mel. We were walking up the Burleigh Heads National Park and all of a sudden for no reason I got a twinge in my knee, which caused me to limp. I tried some knee cap releases. No good. Marj was walking behind me and suggested I concentrate on hip width apart and feet straight ahead. Amazing!!! It righted itself and now as I sit back enjoying a beer after a beautiful day of 22 degrees I have no knee twinge."

I take my hat off to both of you. That's what I call team work, and we all teach other all of the time. You guys teach me things every single class. Two weeks to go and Term 4 classes are now available to be booked online (lots of folks returning from holidays so make sure you let me know you'd like to keep your current spot).

Great work Maureen!

Great work Maureen!