Tricep Press Up Success!

Last Friday in the 8am and 9.30am classes an exciting thing happened......and this time I know it wasn't just me, because afterwards a bunch of you came and told me you were excited too......a lot of folk did their first really solid tricep press up. It's a tricky manouevere where you press up from the floor into a kneeling plank without collapsing the shoulder blades.6.30am folk I'm sorry I didn't get time in your session but not to worry......there's always this week! Yaay!

Why does it matter? Well it demonstrates that you have developed some fantastic shoulder stability in just 8 weeks. You've made space, you've strengthened your base of support and one of you told me you felt stronger now than ten years ago. I salute you all!


A key is understanding that we have to drop our disguises a little bit so that we can actually work on the muscles we've been bypassing. Gradually we then get stronger in how we hold ourselves upright every single day. We take away the need to compensate (via winging the shoulder blades, thrusting the ribs, hyperextending the wrists and the elbows just for starters) by gradually changing how we move through each day.

We looked at a range of things and you can flick back through the blog for a reminder.....but when in doubt come back to your big three:

  • Back up your hips
  • Drop your ribs
  • Ramp your head (without lifting the ribs again! Then your spine can actually lengthen)


In Term 1 we explored the pelvis, Term 2 the core, Term 3 neck and shoulders so Term 4 is a wonderful opportunity to bring it all together with an eight week journey towards optimal walking.

Lots of folk are coming back from winter holidays so please do let me know if you haven't already if you'd like me to hold your place. 8am Friday is already full (folk already in that class unless you've told me I'm assuming you are coming back so please don't worry, I haven't given away your spot!) We are opening up Tuesday 8am again so please do let us know your plans and we'll  get ready for a summer of joyful movement.

A number of folk have asked me to create a Spotify playlist available with some of your favourites from class. So here you go, it's called "movewell2018Spring".

Many of you are making the most of your access to free videos to help you practice at home. If you haven't had a go yet or have had some trouble logging in let me know. I've been able to get everyone in so far, and you have a choice of going in on your computer and/or via the Teachable app (if you have an IPhone or IPad). Here is the link to the favourite release of the term (based on feedback):