Am I supposed to walk around like this?

Last week we added the idea of neutral shoulder blades (relax those wings) to dropping our ribs. The good news is this can bring instant relief to a range of aches and pains, the less exciting news is it can make you feel a bit droopy. Leading us to the oft asked question that  is best answered by Katy Bowman in Move Your DNA:

... The answer is no, of course not. But at some point you have to undo the masking of habitual positioning if you are going to change it. You can’t get your muscles to work a new way, to support the thoracic body, if they are always occupied with hiding your poor form. So the process is more like this: Relax some of your mask (drop your ribs and relax your shoulders when you remember). Do a little corrective work to change the mechanics of the shoulder. Relax the mask some more. Do a little more work. Slowly toggling between these two will gradually reshape your body.

I love the word 'toggle' and I use it a lot in class. There is no room for extremes in corrective exercise. As is true so often in life, the middle way is the best approach. You literally cannot ask tissue to suddenly start doing something in a different way and expect an instant response. There won't be the length or the electrical conductivity available yet.....but it will come relatively quickly if you are consistent (note I said consistent and not aggressive).

So be patient and persist and celebrate every little victory. I hear great stories every single week of how your funcitonal 'real life' movement skills are improving.....things like being able to balance more effectively when doing your shoes......or being able to help stabilise your partner who was falling - suprising you both with how strong you are becoming (I say becoming because you haven't finished yet!)

This week adventures will include head position because I feel like that's the icing on the cake when it comes to really lengthening your spine and not feeling droopy anymore. I'm going to show you the two ways we commonly (and unconciously) lift our head and a different way to think about 'ramping' into the future.

There's already a head ramping video for you on Teachable and I'll write more about why it's just so important for neck, shoulder and spine health next week:

And here's where you I supposed to swim around like this?