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It’s now over 15 months since I had an acute attack of lower back pain and I am rejoicing in my ability to do every day tasks again with ease…. gardening, bending into the kitchen cupboards and not having to haul myself up, bending to sweep, rolling over comfortably in bed, camping – the list goes on! I actually quite enjoy cleaning the house now – something I never thought I’d say. I now look at it as an opportunity to exercise rather than as a chore! A. is also very pleased…. I’m no longer nagging him about installing new kitchen cupboards with pull-out drawers. So thank you for the new me and your classes that I enjoy so much. Knowing the body mechanics behind why we do each movement exercise has really motivated and helped me.”
Sue, Point Lonsdale

“If you're in the Geelong/Surf Coast region and maybe have various mobility issues (ongoing or regularly recurring) which you may be attributing to ageing, consider Movewell classes which help you undo bad habits developed over many years that are most likely the cause of those issues. For me, it started with my cycling dooring rehabilitation journey in 2017, and reaching a recovery plateau with lower back issues kicking in on a regular basis.
I have been attending Mel's classes for 4 out of the past 5 terms, love them, learnt heaps, have lots of tips and gentle ongoing exercises which have helped me enormously on my recovery journey and so much more. Having a much better awareness of good posture in a variety of situations and what to do to achieve it and maintain it, means I no longer have regular lower back issues. “

Highly recommend these fantastic classes!! 
Wendy, Geelong

"Mel, I will never be able to thank you enough for your patient teaching, support and care. Your programs are simply amazing – every week I become more aware of my old habits and am taught/reminded how to simply and easily change these over time.
I love that this work isn’t just about the classes, rather, the classes provide the learnings needed to change how I move (and sit) in every moment. My body grows stronger and happier, although the practice is gentle. You know each student’s strengths, limitations and holding patterns so well that you seem to flawlessly adapt the exercises to suit our individual needs.  And, Mel, your teaching is thorough, emphasising the importance of doing what is ‘right’ for each person, rather than pushing into discomfort or pain. Your humour is just an added bonus! I feel very fortunate."
Jill, Ocean Grove

"Mel your Movewell classes put paid to the myth of “No pain. No gain”. Through gentle movements and learning about optimal positioning of various parts of my body, I have become aware of my own poor postural and movement habits which so often lead to stiffness and even aches and pains. I feel more aware of my body (in a good way!). I have learnt how to correct my own poor habits so that I can walk, stand and sit using my body as it is meant to be used. I also feel as if I have a fuller range of movements in my various joints which I think is really important going into older age. Your enthusiasm and sense of humour inspire me, even when my rhomboids refuse to move and my hip bones can’t be found !"
Irena, Ocean Grove

"Mel and her work have been an anchor for me at a time of enormous transition. Her classes have allowed me the space to go deeper, to work with my body, and what it needs on that particular day...these days my body is stronger and straighter and much more reliable, and I am more flexible and optimistic about my own capacity to grow and adapt to whatever life brings. Thank you Mel. Much love and thanks."
Kirsty, Ocean Grove

"I came to Mel's classes originally for relaxation, I was already doing other challenging Iyengar Yoga classes, but noticed that I would always have that shoulder that would seize up, that left hip that pulled and a "dicky" right foot. No matter how much I worked on my body, these issues and more would surface. I used an Osteopath and a Remedial Massage Therapist on a regular basis to alleviate these annoying symptoms. Now, Mel has taught me to do movements in a much more sustainable way. I can stand in a line for a long period of time without difficulty, I can walk for hours on end without fatigue, I do not wake up with those symptoms mentioned earlier or if I do, I can do 5 -10mins of my routine and they are gone.  Yes it's totally amazing, I feel like I have reversed my bodies ageing. I am so much stronger and the power to know I can fix myself is empowering. These exercises are simple, easy, designed for all types of well being from the young to those with poor mobility - there are ways to achieve your goals.  Mel and her team are life savers,  I truly believe I have halted many degenerative pathways in my body. You are crazy not to try this!”
Bettina, Point Lonsdale

"Before starting to work with Mel I had a permanent fortnightly appointment with a chiropractor, which at best took the edge off my constant back pain and general body aches for a few days until it started up again. I wore orthotic shoes, always ended a walk bent over with backache. I also had accepted that pain and increasing stiffness of my joints were an inevitable part of my life and that I would gradually become more and more restricted in my movements as I aged. Five years later [now in my mid-60’s] I am pain free, I wear only barefoot shoes [or bare feet!] and am more flexible and mobile than I have been in years. Mel’s work has taught me to be aware of my own habits of holding tension, and given me the tools to release and strengthen my body. It is so empowering to be able to move freely, walk with comfort and energy, to spend time sitting on the floor or standing to write, read and sew; to move through the day with freedom and enjoyment. Mel is a wonderful, intuitive and knowledgeable teacher, her support and guidance have been life-changing for me".
Glen, Queenscliff

"Before I started weekly classes with Mel at Movewell I thought that my aching muscles and increasing stiffness were an inevitable part of ageing. About three years ago, my neck went into spasm and I went to Mel for the first time. I was feeling quite desperate as a long list of therapies I had tried hadn’t given any lasting pain relief. In just one private session, I was given simple movements that I could do at home or work. I didn’t need to buy any equipment and the exercises were quick and easy to do. The pain and stiffness immediately improved and I thought that if I could get those results so quickly then I would try going to weekly classes to learn more about how movement was affecting my health. Three years on, I’ve gained so much. Each week Mel takes the group through exercises designed to restore free movement and relieve muscle soreness. Mel is a great teacher – encouraging, committed, inspirational and supportive - and the sessions are relaxed and fun but there’s a lot of learning going on, too. I know now that discovering how to move well greatly improves health and wellbeing.
I feel very lucky to have these classes available locally. Thanks Mel!"
Annette, Ocean Grove