When you download your computer you may get an option to specify where your video file is stored.  If you have the option you could store it in your Movies or Videos directory/folder.

If you don't have the option, or can't find the file - check your Downloads folder on your computer.

Watch videos on your COMPUTER

We find the video downloads work best when played on Apple's QuickTime application.  If you have a Mac - QuickTime comes pre-installed.

If you have a Windows PC then you can download QuickTime from Apple at and install it onto your computer.

Watch videos on your iPad, iPod or iPhone

  1. Open iTunes

    Start by launching the iTunes application on your Mac or PC. If you don’t have iTunes installed, you can
    find the Mac and PC versions at: Follow Apple’s instructions for installing the program.

  2. Connect your iPad/iPod/iPhone to your computer

    Using the USB cable that came with your video-capable iPod or iPhone, connect it to your computer. It should then show up in the DEVICES list in the left panel of iTunes.

  3. Add your Wellness Yoga Downloads to iTunes

    Click on View>Movies located at the top left of the iTunes toolbar or click on the filmstrip icon in the iTunes browser.  Then click on Home Videos.  Once you do this, you should see a list of movies currently in your iTunes Library in the main panel. Drag all of the WellnessDownloads you have purchased from their download location into the main Movie window. This will add them to your library.

  4. Sync the download videos to your iPad/iPod/iPhone

    If you have your iPad, iPod or iPhone set to automatically sync movies, add the WellnessDownload videos to the appropriate playlist or check the Wellness Yoga videos you’d like to sync in the MOVIES tab (after clicking on your device’s name in the left column).

    If you have your iPad, iPod or iPhone set to manually sync, simply drag the movie from the list in your Movies panel on the name of your device in the left panel of iTunes.

  5. View with iTunes on your computer’s screen

    To watch your WellnessDownload videos in iTunes, double click the video in your  Movies> Home Videos panel and it will play within the iTunes window. You can access the chapter points within the video by clicking on the “Chapter Guide” icon in the controls window (the second icon from the right). A list of chapter points will pop up from which you can choose the chapter you’d like to view.

  6. View on your video-capable iPod nano or classic

    To view your WellnessDownload videos on your iPod, at the main menu select Videos > then Movies >, and scroll to the WellnessDownload video you’d like to view. Select the video to play it instantly. You cannot see the names of chapter points on iPod nanos or classics, but if you press the center button while the video is playing to see the progress bar, you will be able to see divisions within the bar indicating where chapter points are located. You can then tap the skip forward or backward buttons to move through the chapter points.

    Note: If video is not playing on your iPod’s screen, but instead a still image of the video cover appears, press MENU twice, scroll down to Video Settings >, and make sure that TV Out is set to Off. If it is set to On, press the center button in the scroll wheel until it is set to Off. You should then be able to go back to your video and have it play on your iPod’s screen.

  7. View on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone

    To watch your Wellness Download videos on your iPad or iPod touch, tap on the Videos app. On the iPhone, tap on the iPod app, then click on the Videos tab at the bottom. Scroll to the video you’d like to view and tap on its name to play. To access chapter points, click on the “chapter guide” icon (the far right icon in the controls window that pops up if you tap on the playing video). The screen will change to a complete chapter listing. Just tap on the chapter you’d like to watch.

    Important Note for Vista users using iTunes or Quicktime to play your Wellness downloads on your computer’s screen