Watch downloads on your TV


  • View on TV through your video-capable iPod, iPad or iPhone

    To watch your iPad, iPod or iPhone content on your television, you will have to purchase an option AV cable directly from Apple, the Apple Store or your local electronics retailer that carries genuine Apple products. This cable can vary depending on your model, and it is important to purchase the correct one. You also must know if your television has component (preferable) or composite video input available before buying the cable. Make sure that if you have an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, or older nano or classic that you purchase a genuine Apple cable, because they contain a chip which enables video playback through the cable. If you use a third party cable, the video will not work. Here is a link to Apple’s website for the different types of cables:


    Once you have the correct cable in your possession, connect one end into your iPad/iPod/iPhone’s plug and the other into your television .

  • Watch on TV through your computer

    To watch your computer content on your television view the video provided at this link for instructions on using your TV as an external computer monitor: