“...injuries, pain and inflammation are our bodies' warning flags: we shouldn't ignore them or power through them, but rather teach ourselves to heal using them as our guides. This whole-body model of wellness has taught me that our health is influenced more by our habits - the way we use, load and live in our body - than by our age.” Katy Bowman MS, Dynamic Aging

Come and find out more about the steps you can take towards a more enjoyable and sustainable way of moving.

Recent Feedback

It’s now over 15 months since I had an acute attack of lower back pain and I am rejoicing in my ability to do every day tasks again with ease…. thank you for the new me and your classes that I enjoy so much. Knowing the body mechanics behind why we do each movement exercise has really motivated and helped me.”
Sue, Point Lonsdale, December 2018

“…I have been attending Mel's classes for 4 out of the past 5 terms, love them, learnt heaps, have lots of tips and gentle ongoing exercises which have helped me enormously on my recovery journey and so much more. Having a much better awareness of good posture in a variety of situations and what to do to achieve it and maintain it, means I no longer have regular lower back issues. Highly recommend these fantastic classes!!”
Wendy, Geelong, December 2018

Optimise Your Movement Health… Anytime, Anywhere

How Do You Like To Learn? I’ve put together a page for you with all of Katy Bowman’s fantastic offerings, all available instantly and with a wide range of approaches. Do you want something short and sweet? Do you like to read or listen? Do you want a brand new and comprehensive program with all the detail you need but then lots of different ways to do the exercises (whether at home or travelling or even in the office). It’s all here waiting for you.

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