“...injuries, pain and inflammation are our bodies' warning flags: we shouldn't ignore them or power through them, but rather teach ourselves to heal using them as our guides. This whole-body model of wellness has taught me that our health is influenced more by our habits - the way we use, load and live in our body - than by our age.” Katy Bowman, Dynamic Aging

Come and find out more about the steps you can take towards a more enjoyable and sustainable way of moving.

Term 3 starts on Friday 19 July

Are our current habits making us stronger or creating limitations and pain? Join me on Fridays in Term 3 where we’ll work with practical and enjoyable methods to release tension along with the alignment principles and strengthening moves that help us feel more balanced and mobile instantly.

Welcome to Movewell with a Private Session

A private lesson is the ideal way to get started and required if you’d like to join our ongoing term classes. There are some fundamental alignment techniques to learn that will help you to get so much more out of your ongoing sessions. Contact Mel for more information.